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The European Union awarded the TSU Institute for European Studies the grant under Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project action titled as “Establishing Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Programme in European Studies at Tbilisi State University”/ EUStBA 2020-2022


On 16th and 17th of July, 2021 the Institute for European Studies (IES) of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) organized the second online workshop within the frames of the EU funded ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Project “Establishing Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Programme in European Studies at Tbilisi State University”. The meeting was fully devoted to the new accreditation standards and the thematic discussions contributed by the administrative and academic staff of the IES, the representatives of the Quality Assurance Services of the TSU Faculties and the Central Quality Assurance Offices as well as the stakeholders from the business and the Parliament of Georgia. This event was the final action of the first package  and it  wrapped-up the outcomes of the first Jean Monnet Workshop and the first International Conference of the Jean Monnet project EUStBA that took place earlier during the Spring semester of the academic year 2021.

At the opening of the Second Workshop, traditionally, the Director of the IES and the Jean Monnet Project Coordinator  Nino LAPIASHVILI welcomed the participants and reviewed the two-day workshop agenda. During the first day of the meeting a timely and much needed presentation was made in the Georgian language by the Head of the Quality Assurance Office of the Law Faculty -  Giorgi MAKHAROBLISHVILI on the following topic: “Criteria for Writing a self-evaluation report, the Programme learning outcomes, the Curriculum map as well as the New format of the syllabus.” After the presentation representatives of the faculty quality assurance offices and the academic personnel had an opportunity to take part in discussions, ask questions and review syllabi in group as well as in the format of the individual consultative meetings between the Director of the Institute and each academic personnel. 
On the Second Day of the Jean Monnet Workshop the Chief Specialist of the TSU Central Quality Assurance Office -  Kristine CHIKHLADZE made her presentation in English language on the following topic: “Guidelines and Standards for Writing the Self-evaluation of the Programme.” The presentation was followed by the discussions and additional explanations around the topic, as well as by the individual meetings with the academic staff who participated in development of the syllabi and BA programme.
The final session of the meeting was devoted to the stakeholders of the programme, in particular, the Staff Member of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee of the Parliament of Georgia –  Irine CHKHENKELI talked about the possibility to strengthen the  Energy Policy module in the programme; while the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce Georgia -  Khatia BUKHRASHVILI discussed the opportunities to offer practical component/internships to the IES students within the frames of the memorandum  recently signed between the IES and ICC Georgia. 

The implementation of the Second Working Package of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet EUStBA Project aimed at the elaboration of the Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) programme in European Studies is upcoming soon, - scheduled for the autumn semester 2021. 

Second Workshop Agenda and Cover Photo.

Second Workshop Press Release

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