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The European Union awarded the TSU Institute for European Studies the grant under Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project action titled as “Establishing Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Programme in European Studies at Tbilisi State University”/ EUStBA 2020-2022


On September 26th and 27th, 2022 the Institute for European Studies of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University hosted the sixth workshop within the frames of the EU funded Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Establishing Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Programme in European Studies at Tbilisi State University”. The event took place in the first academic building of TSU and was attended by the administrative and academic personnel of IES, representatives of the TSU quality assurance faculty units as well as the central office, IES students and other stakeholders. 

Traditionally the opening of the workshop was led by welcoming speech of the Director of the TSU Institute for European Studies and Jean Monnet Project Coordinator – Nino Lapiashvili who introduced the agenda to the audience as well as discussed the importance of the workshop topics particularly in terms of teaching European studies. The main part of the workshop was concerned with the e-platforms that are relevant for the EU studies programmes and it was led by the head of TSU IT Department Mrs. Nato Chubinidze. Mrs. Chubinidze shared the best experiences of online and electronic learning using Moodle as an example, discussed the advantages of Moodle system and the tools for its usage as well as talked about the importance of academic integrity and about one of its control mechanisms such as Turnitin.

In the final part of the workshop the participants analyzed together the special importance of academic integrity espeically in terms of EU Studies programmes as well as the methodology to avoid the plagiarism in the context of intellectual property, determined the need for academic integrity reforms including the support from decision-makers in this process at the governmental level and developed some recommendations in this regard. 

Agenda, Press Release and the Cover Photo of the workshop.

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