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The Institute for European Studies administers two years English taught, interdisciplinary MA programme in European studies (MAES). It also offers life long learning opportunities in European Studies.

The aim of the two-year programme is to provide students with in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge of EU issues (law, politics, economy, history and culture), incorporating also Eastern European issues (present and expected links with EU). The students will become experts who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the structure and operations of the economic, legal and political institutions of the European Union, and are familiar with decision making at a European level, as well as the European integration process.

Relevance of the Programme
European integration is a positive and major feature of the government’s foreign and economic policies. Europeanization of Georgia is yet at an initial stage but still, there is a strong conviction that Georgia is a European country. The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and ENP Action Plan (ENAP) marked a new approach for Georgia. 

Whereas the EU is by far Georgia’s first economic partner, knowledge about the EU and its integration process, as well as the understanding of the meaning of the integration process between the EU and Georgia, of PCA, ENP, EaP are still very low in the country. Besides, Eastern Partnership dimension recently upgraded EU-Georgia relationship. This makes the training capacities in European studies in the country not only a crucial need, but also a strategic issue.

The development of European Studies, as a new academic field in Georgia, is not only a tool for a better understanding of the European Neighbour and of EU matters. It is also a major contribution to the building of competencies which are crucial for efficient democracy and economy.

Master of Art’s Degree in European Studies is Awarded by the Faculty of Law of TSU; However the Institute for European Studies maintains High Level of Autonomy.

The Master of Art’s degree in European Studies is awarded after successful completion of both the course curriculum and a written Master’s thesis. Fulfilling all the requirements normally takes four semesters.

Career Outlook

The MA programme in European Studies provides valuable competencies for teaching, conducting independent research, or considering a career in:  

• Public sector and governmental agencies 
• NGOs, international organizations and European institutions 
• Political organizations 
• Business and other private sector 
• Advisory organization 
• Media and information centers

Start of the Programme
The programme starts annually in September/October.

Information about the Enrollment

Student of Master’s programme in European Studies may become a person having at least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in law, economics, social and political sciences or humanities.
The exams to be passed for enrollment are:

Unified Masterʹs Exam (only for Georgian Citizens)
Exam in English language on B2 level, exemption is possible only if candidate provides certificate confirming the knowledge of English language on B2 level
Exam in Specialisation
Interview with jury
Tuition Fee per semester is GEL  1500 for the citizens of Georgia and GEL 2100 for the citizens of foreign countries. 

Diploma is issued by TSU Faculty of Law.
Undergraduates of foreign Universities are allowed to submit their applications in full compliance with Georgian Legislation. Please click here for more information.

  • Masterʹs programme in European Studies was approved by the Decision No 82/2011 of the TSU Academic Council on 18/08/2011, with its amendments made by the Decision No 3/2013 on 21/01/2013, Decision No 41/2013 on 04/03/2013 and Decision No 121/2014 on 29/12/2014. The first accreditation was given to the programme by the Decision No 97 of the Accreditation Board of the Educational Programmes on 17/10/2011, which was prolonged until the 1st of July 2022 by the Government Order No 1881 issued on 7/09/2017.
  • Masterʹs programme in European Studies was approved for re-accreditation by the Decision No 36/2022 of the TSU Academic Council on 11/04/2022. Evaluation of the programme by  external evaluators - Kamil Zwolski and Agnese Davidsone .
  • Permission letter from the Ministry of Education and Science to conduct the teaching in English. 

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