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TSU Institute for European Studies started the implementation of the EU funded project “Establishment of Interdisciplinary PhD Program in European Studies at Tbilisi State University”.


General objective of the project is to build up the Georgian graduates’ professional skills in research in order to enable better and reflected understanding of European Union policies and to improve relationships with the European Union through establishment of structured PhD program at the Institute for European Studies of Tbilisi State University.
Therefore the project is to develop the research capacities at the IES to become a Centre of Excellence in European Studies in the Southern Caucasus region, able to lead all teaching and research activities of an academic institute, along the Bologna process and EU standards. To support the efforts of the Georgian Government in building human capacity in the context of the Eastern Partnership (EaP), qualified to communicate with the EU member countries regarding professional language and conceptual systems in line with the EU acquis communautaire.
The proposal relies on the previous experience of the Institute for European Studies (IES) during its establishment in the framework of a TACIS project.

Specific objectives being addressed by the project are as follows:

Establishment of a structured PhD programme increases the research capacity at the IES on European Union - including the publication of research papers and scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals. This type of programme contributes to strengthening the EU expertise nationally and internationally through future joint research projects with foreign universities.
The PhD students will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in contributing to further approximation of Georgia towards EU in different fields and provide high quality expertise on EU affairs to the Georgian labour market.
Through the establishment of a structured PhD programme in accordance with Bologna principles, the project enhances the overall interdisciplinary research capacities at Tbilisi State University and contributes with its experience to the planned establishment of a Graduate School during the next three years.

Enrollment on the program

The information about the enrolment on the program will be available through IES web-site and social media as soon as the accreditation and all relevant legislative requirements are met.

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PhD Programme in European Studies
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