First Intake of PhD Students

TSU Institute for European Studies congratulates the first intake of students for being accepted at PhD Programme in European Studies and wishes good luck in all their future endeavors.

The admission Process of First Intake of PhD Students at TSU Institute for European Studies is finished. The overall number of applicants was twenty-six (26) persons. Out of twenty-six (26) applicants nineteen (19) had been short-listed and interviewed. Even though the competition was announced for twelve (12) PhD positions, the high quality of candidates as well as the importance of research area convinced the panel of Professors and experts to increase a quota as a result of which fifteen (15) candidates had been admitted, out of which four (4) candidates are non-Georgian citizens (two from Azerbaijan, one from the Ukraine and one from the Spain).   
The Panel of Professors who read and evaluated the applications was composed of the following field experts: Dr. Sergi Kapanadze (Background: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences), Dr. Natia Lapiashvili (Background: Faculty of Law), Dr. Merab Abdaladze (Faculty of Economics), Dr. Vasil Kacharava (Faculty of Humanities). These Professors conceptually represented four founding faculties of the Institute for European Studies – these four Professors are attached both to their respective faculties as well as to the Institute. Besides, the members of the panel were: A. Vice Rector of TSU and the supervisor of the Institute for European Studies Prof. Levan Alexidze (Chairman of the panel)  B. Director of the Institute for European Studies Nino Lapiashvili (observer status) C. Nino Kochishvili, Project Manager at EU Delegation of Georgia (observer status). The external field experts were: 1. Prof. Irine Kurdadze. 2. Prof. Lejla Uzicanin.   
We would like to underline that because of the quality of applicants the decision was extremely difficult. The selection process was very competitive and the decision making panel (composed of TSU/IES professors from four founding faculties) was taking into consideration the following criteria: 1. the research area 2. The strength of research proposal. 3. Prospectus to enhance the novelty in a proposed field 4. Research priorities at stake. 5. Rational approach for maximized equal distribution of available places from the perspective of diversification of the proposed research topics while keeping in mind the four founding faculties of TSU which are the faculties of Law, Economics and Business, Social and Political Sciences and the Humanities.
As a result of the Decision of the Panel the following candidates are being enrolled at PhD Programme:
1.    Levan Makhashvili – The Title of the thesis: „What Is Rotten in the State of the European Union? – Deficiencies in EU Foreign Policy Instruments, Structures and Decision-Making“
2.    Meri Maghlakelidze – The Title of the thesis: „Security interdependence as an Impetus in the Process Europeanisation in ENP Countries“
3.    Tamar Kochoradze – The Title of the thesis: „EU’s Non-recognition and Engagement Policy – Where the Road Leads?“
4.    Irakli Megrelishvili –  The Title of the thesis: „ The Role of Political Parties of European Parliament in the Institutionalization of Georgian Political Parties“
5.    Nino Kekelidze – The Title of the thesis: „EU Legislation and Measures in the Area of Tourism and Feasibility of Their Implementation in Georgia“
6.    Nino Janelidze – The Title of the thesis: „The Meaning of Ukraine in EU-Russia Energy Relationship“
7.    Tatia Dolidze – The Title of the thesis: „Shaping the regional and European integration processes in the South Caucasus:EU’s discursive and policy practices of ‘regionalisation’“
8.    Levan Tskrialashvili – The Title of the thesis: „The Rise and Demise of the Stability and Growth Pact“
9.    Nana Kurshubadze – The Title of the thesis: „Formation of the European Union Diplomacy“
10.    Shalva Khupenia – The Title of the thesis: “The Transition Processes from Enemies to Partners and Politics of Cooperation in Western Europe (1945-1950)“
11.    Nona Tatiashvili – The Title of the thesis: „The Rights of National Minorities under International Law: contemporary challenges of national minorities in post-communist European Countries and a Georgian discourse“
12.    Oleksii Chaban - The Title of the thesis: Formation and Development of Project Management in European Integration
13.    Gamar Aliyeva - The Title of the thesis: “EU involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution”
14.    Rufat Hasan-zada - The Title of the thesis: „Caspian region’s role in maintaining EU energy security.“
15.    Cristina Juan Carrion - The Title of the thesis: “Cyber Security and Human Rights: a comparison of regulations in Turkey and the European Union”
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